2019 Tomatoes


Italian San Marzano

Heirloom, Sauce Tomato

Renee’s Garden: “Treasured old Italian variety whose reliable heavy yields of plump, elongated fruit taste great fresh picked and also stand out for cooking into rich, thick sauce.”


Crimson Carmello

Hybrid, Slicing Tomato

Renee’s Garden: “Pair juicy slices with minced basil and a drizzle of fruity olive oil or toss chopped Carmellos with fresh herbs, garlic, hot pasta and grated cheese for simple summer feasts.”


Red Rosso Sicilian

Heirloom, Deep Lobed Stuffing and Paste Tomato

Baker Creek:”Deeply ribbed, intensely red fruit reaches up to 5 ounces. Firm, solid flesh and somewhat hollow seed cavity make this a star for stuffing or paste, but the ribbing also gives slices a scalloped appearance which is lovely on a plate. First grown in this country by Ann Fuller of Mitchell, Indiana, who received seed from a Sicilian man in 1987. Richly flavored, just as the Italians like their tomatoes, and stunningly beautiful!”



Heirloom, Slicing Tomato

Baker Creek: “The fruit is smooth, large, and beautiful, being one of the darkest and prettiest of the purple types we have seen. It seems to have an extra dose of the complex flavor that makes dark tomatoes famous.”


St. Pierre

Heirloom, Red, Round, Medium Sized Canning Tomato

Baker Creek: “A beautiful French heirloom, the tender fruit has a full, rich tomato flavor and are large in size; great for canning or fresh eating. They are deep red and excellent producers, even in bad conditions. Popular in Europe.”



Heirloom, Deep Lobed Slicing Tomato

Renee’s Garden: “Deep-red, lobed, and heavy with juice, Costoluto is a traditional Italian favorite for fresh eating.”


Sweet Persimmon Tomato

Heirloom, Yellow Beefsteak Size Slicing Tomato

Renee’s Garden: “Sweet Persimmon’s big, meaty, globe-shaped fruits ripen up to a beautiful glowing orange.”


Principe Borghese

Heirloom, Red Grape Shaped Sun Drying Tomato

Baker Creek: “The Italian heirloom that is famous for sun drying. Small 1-to 2-oz, grape-shaped fruit is very dry and have few seeds. It has a rich tomato taste that is wonderful for sauces. Vines yield clusters of fruit in abundance, perfect for selling in fresh markets and making specialty products. We offer pure Italian seed. ”


Marvel Stripe

Heirloom, A striped slicing tomato from the Zapotec people of from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Renee’s Garden: “Heirloom with strong, climbing vines bearing large sunny gold fruits shot through with rose-red, giving them a beautiful marbleized effect. Flavor is mild, sweet & smooth.”


Heirloom Rutgers

Heirloom, Utility Tomato


Black Krim

Heirloom, Maroon Beefsteak

Renee’s Garden: “Heirloom whose big leafy vines produce lots of slightly lobed deep purple/black fruits whose juicy rich red flesh offers sweet and delicious flavor.”


Black Vernissage

Heirloom, Sauce Tomato

Red and green striped sweet cherry tomato.


Burgess “Delicious”

Heirloom, Red Beefsteak Tomato


Organic Aussie Tomato

Heirloom, Pink Beefsteak


Isis Candy

Heirloom, Cherry Tomato


Yellow Gooseberry

Heirloom, Cherry Tomato